01 Apr 2013
April 1, 2013

Birth Photography on Sunrise

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Melbourne-based member Jillian of Spikey Hedgehog Photography was featured this morning on a Sunrise report on the growing trend of birth photography.

“Being able to see the moment that your husband falls in love with your daughter, you can’t put a price on that,” says one of Jill’s clients. The baby’s father explains: “I was a little bit daunted by the whole thing, and I thought it would be a little bit intrusive having someone I didn’t know very well at the birth, but it was fine. She was there, she wasn’t in our face all the time and she was helping out here and there. It was like having an extra pair of hands to support us.”

“There is so much emotion in a birth room. There’s excitement, there’s nerves, and to be a part of that is really an honour for me,” said Jill.

You can watch the video on the Sunrise website.

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