19 Nov 2012
November 19, 2012

Birth Story: Leila Mae

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This the birth journey of Leila Mae, first daughter for Bianca & Lee, born on Saturday June 30th, 2012.

A few thoughts on Birth Photography from Bianca:

Whilst pregnant I had thought about having photos taken of the birth of my child and considered who I would get to do this. At first I asked one of my sisters to do this as I didn’t know there were any other options. I then found Liz Arcus Photography and discovered that she was looking to photograph her first birth.

I got in touch with Liz and she explained how she would be able to capture the birth in a natural and tasteful way. Before the birth my partner and I got to know Liz and we instantly felt comfortable around her and developed a bond with her so when the time came we didn’t have a stranger in the birth suite with us and instead a friend and an extra support person whom we trusted.

The images of my daughters birth are by far something that I will treasure forever and are something that she can look back on when she is older. We capture important moments in our lives such as weddings, birthdays, graduation and Christmas’s so to me it makes sense that we captured those important first moments of her life when we met her for the first time and the moments leading up to that.

The birth of Leila is the single most amazing event of our life and thanks to Liz we now have the moment we became a family and the journey leading up to it captured forever.

And from Liz, the photographer:

Leila’s birth was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed and the most special documentary I could ever be invited to photograph for a family. Such a sacred, private space that I am so totally honoured to have shared. I will never ever forget the birth of Leila Mae.

Photography and Interviewing by Liz Arcus
Edited by Liz Arcus & Jaiman Long (Liz’s son)
Licensed music by the Icarus Account – ‘Angel of Mine’ (instrumental)

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