Our members come from a huge range of backgrounds and personal journeys – some have been midwives or doulas, some are mothers, but all share a common passion for this unique genre. Over the next few months, we’d like to introduce a few of our members and their journey from a dream to the delivery suite.

Rebecca Colefax, a member in Noosa, QLD, has shared her story on her blog: How I became a Birth Photographer and why I love Birth Photography

After discovering some long-forgotten images on her computer, Rebecca realised just how precious those memories were and knew then that capturing them for other women would become her contribution.

In the last two years I’ve not only met many wonderful families, I’ve also formed some wonderful new friendships with like minded people both nationally and internationally including, doctors, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, care workers and support teams. I’ve also had a terrific support and feedback from private and public hospitals where I’ve worked. Combined, the common comment all professionals and parents say is that ‘they really love what I do and really admire why I’m doing it’ for they understand you can never go back and do it again!

You can find Rebecca and other southern Queensland birth photographers in our directory.

Rebecca Colefax - Birth Photographers Australia Member
Rebecca Colefax - Birth Photographers Australia Member

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